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  • Architects and Designers

    Moulding and Millwork for Architects and Designers You know exactly what you want. With Elenbaas Millwork, you can have the confidence you will get the exact moulding and millwork designed and crafted specifically with Architects and Designers in mind. We know that when you have a certain look in your mind, nothing less than the best will […]

  • Contractors

    We know you take pride in your work, just as we do. When you want your mouldings and finishes to look their best, try our Signature or stock profiles, available in multiple species.

  • Homeowners

    For the finishing touches to accent your home, choose the highest quality mouldings from among our stock profiles.

  • Our goal isn’t to create a ‘basic’ moulding that can be made to work and blend in numerous homes, but to design a special moulding that will be unique to a home or a builder and is a major design element of the project.”

    - Phillip Elenbaas July 1952 – July 2001